Delite Radio Welcomes Steve Salvari on Delite Drive Time with Tony Jay

Tune in today Tuesday 23rd July when Steve Salvari joins Tony Jay on Drive-Time.

Steve is a music producer and singer of respectable pedigree among those “in-the-know” from the British Funk and Soul scenes.

He’s worked with Chaka Khan, Barry White, Robert Palmer, Billy Ocean, Lulu, Aswad, Jonathan Butler, Natalie Cole and Omar to name a few!

As a London-based producer, singer, songwriter and musician, Steve Salvari has played an integral part in shaping the British musical landscape ever since he co-founded Brit-Funk/Jazz-Funk pioneers ‘Central Line’ in the late seventies/early eighties;

They enjoyed a heightened period of success with a handful of songs which are still cited as vital reference points today in the chronology of British Pop, Soul and Jazz Funk.

Be sure to listen to Drive Time with Tony Jay from 4pm today to hear what Steve has been up to and what he’s got coming up.

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