Wendy Costin Social Media Team

One of our first listeners on Delite Radio, Wendy joins the social media team at Delite Towers. Be kind to her!

Wendy has been with Delite Radio since Day 1, and has supported the station wholeheartedly since the that day. 

She's a serious music fan, and is very open minded with varied taste in genres. 

Wendy likes to interact with listeners on the FaceBook Group page. If you get stuck with anything, let Wendy know and she will try to help and guide you. 

Keeping an eye on what's going on with the Delite FaceBook/Social Media family and Delite Radio Team. And of course, spreading the Delite word. 

"I love Delite's vision and the station dares to push the boundaries and include commercial music. Definitely Music I want to hear!!"

Please be kind to her!



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