Cafe 432 & Sheree Hicks "Searching"

One of Chicago's hottest singer song writer Sheree Hicks teams up with London's super talented Cafe 432 for their first ever U.K./US collaboration. A love song of epic proportions delivered effortlessly by the highly respected Sheree Hicks and her superb backing vocalists. 'Searching' flows along with a tough beat, magical bass groove and a musical vibe that oozes nothing but class! Destined to be one of the biggest soulful house tunes this summer with anticipated full support from both sides of the Atlantic. 'Searching' has all the qualities of a memorable song which we know you will be singing for many moons to come.

Written by: Sheree Hicks, Jonsey & Kevin McPherson
Produced, Mixed & Arranged by: Jonsey & Kevin McPherson for Cafe 432 Productions (London)
Lyrics, vocal arrangement & performed by: Sheree Hicks
Backing Vocals: Angela Tarrant, Tamara Johnson, Jermaine Brown
Vocals Recorded by: CB Mix (Chicago, Illinois)
Bass: Yolanda Charles
Guitar: Stevie Paul
Recorded & Mixed @ Soundstate Studios (London)
Mastered by: Walter Coehlo @ Atlantic Blue Studios (Portugal)
Published by: ASCAP / Shekia Publishing BMI

© Soundstate Recordings (London 2017)


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