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1 hour ago
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21 hours ago
A duet between Natalie Cole and John Legend would have been perfect. They'd have such complimentary tones. Loving the show, Orchid
22 hours ago
Great to listen to your show after a long day at work, Orchid Bea. You always play what I want to hear
1 day ago
Love listening to my Favourite DJ keep playing the great tunes
2 days ago
Hi Michael Listening to my favourite Dj and favourite Radio Station now, with Gabriel the cat listener, who is now almost fully recovered
2 days ago
Morning Michael, stripping wallpaper in Denham... great show
2 days ago
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2 days ago
Currently on away home from Newcastle listening to the best DJ around. I want to see you soon in o2. Can we get a shout out, Myles, Ellis, Jake, Matt and Scears. All the best keep up the good work
2 days ago
Absolutely loving the tunes this morning, put me in a fabulous mood! My fave DJ ever!
2 days ago
Best dj with big tunes finally got to log in after I said I would Security
3 days ago
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3 days ago
Lovely selection Craig
3 days ago
Mick @ St Albans
Craig! Stevie Wonder...Summer soft....Choon of the day brother....thank you sir
3 days ago
Great breakfast planned my eggs sunny side up beans bacon sausage and white toast.
3 days ago
Loving the Sunday Duvet. Time to get up.
4 days ago
Wendy in Surrey
Hello Tony Jay, and hello the all the presenters. I keep saying it but I LOVE Delite Radio Thank you Thank you for playing us the music we what to hear! x
4 days ago
Sarah from Finchley
It's time to go behind the groove with Tony Jay! Please say hi to all. x
4 days ago
Micky P
What happened to Duffy
4 days ago
I have just laughed so much Craig ! Thanks in bed with Covid in Epping
4 days ago
Is this lance Fergusson aVAILABLE LOVE IT! Cracking tunes Craig