Orchid Bea's Orchid's Odyssey On Delite Radio

Tuesday, from 22:00 to 00:00

Orchid has been presenting, in radio, for half a decade.

She grew up in a household that had a great appreciation of a wide range of music.  From childhood, Sundays would be a an ‘all day music’ affair.

Her musical passion extends from soul & reggae to Latin, folk and alternative.  Part of her background has been in contemporary dance; having to find that perfect track to inspire movement.  She believes that music and laughter are the two best (and free) ways to healing.

Glad to be joining the Delite team, she will be at the mic Saturdays, 10am 12pm & Thursdays, 7-9pm (first 3 weeks of the month).  Orchid hopes to motivate and support well-being with her choice of music,

at Delite Radio.

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