Jack Locker Presenters

Hi my name is Jack Locker and my New show, 
Every Track Matters - relates to when it all started, which was when I walked into a (What was then called a disco) and Manu Dibango, Big Blow was playing. I instantly fell in love with Disco, Soul, Funk. I would spend hours in record shops listening to tracks, watching people come to the shop asking for or talking about various tracks, checking out what they were wearing (Your attire would define your music taste) going to discos/clubs, missing the last bus or train home rather than miss the last track and broadening my knowledge of music. Fast forward many years, doing the same thing including spending some of those years DJing in the UK and abroad, my music horizons have broadened to encompass: Rare groove, Jazz, Reggae, House (Mostly Soulful House) and any good track that catches my attention,the mood and the sentiment of the era.
This is the reason why, every track matters


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