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Rudi Reel

Favourite Food:

Indian (All of it) the hotter the better.


Favourite All Time Film:

This is the hardest question. My favourite movie depends on my mood and being a Gemini that means I got a hundred favourite movies. But when I don’t want to think it has to be "TED", When im emotional "The Green Mile". When I think I'm a gangster "Snatch", and lastly when I'm all romantic it has to be "Notting Hill"


Favourite Film Soundtrack:

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels


Growing up in one of the greatest multicultural melting pots, Rudi Reel was exposed to a vast world of music at a young age. As an adolescent, he was forced to learn the ones and twos when the DJ for his sixth form party cancelled. The musical knowledge was there but many sleepless nights were spent practicing the craft on tape decks and eventually turntables, spinning anything from dub to funk. While most kids his age were out and about, Rudi worked various jobs to start and grow his immense collection of vinyl and tapes. The transition from live sets to radio was a gradual process that started as a bit of fun. After a couple of months on the air, Rudi’s live, raw energy grew his fanbase and popularity. Hosting live shows and festivals in prestigious venues like, Wembley Arena, London Olympia and the Hippodrome. He made sure he kept close to current music all while not forgetting his roots. Times have changed massively but, when Rudi is DJing, that inner 16-year-old’s passion comes shining through. Each song carefully selected in the hope of bringing a little joy to those that hear it and inspiring the next generation of DJ’s.


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